The flip side of democratisation

Excerpt of the materials on Democratisation Key issues: Government systems, Comparative Politics 

There is a reflexive instinct in western nations, and indeed in the minds of most people, that democratisation is always a positive outcome. However, this ignores the effect that popular sovereignty has on minorities in democratic nations. In fact, it may be the case that minorities are better off in non-democratic nations, especially as the popular will in newly democratising nations tends to be extremely hostile to minorities. It is unclear if the repression and worse of minorities is a price worth paying for democracy.

2 main claims:
1. Democratisation in the world leads to the bullying of ethnic and religious minorities. (e.g. the Middle East)

2. Successful democracies tend to be religiously and ethnically homogeneous. (e.g. Europe)

Along with the accompanying article, the following points will be discussed. They will be useful for essays on Politics/Govt and AQ for General Paper.

Points to ponder:

1. How relevant are these claims to Singapore? Does this mean we should be wary of democratising fully?

2. Are there any solutions to the dichotomy presented here? Can democracy go hand-in-hand  . . .

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