Media and Advertising

[ Excerpt from Media infopack: Advertising  ]

As raised in earlier sections , Media related questions are very popular for the Cambridge examinations (as past year papers will testify) and for entry examinations into the top JCs.

One area that needs to be covered is the influence and effects Advertising has on society.


Points for discussion:

What is advertising?
Who controls advertising?
What are the effects of advertising?
How do ethics come into the picture?

Some points to jump start the discussion
1. Most students are able to raise points that advertising serves a useful economic function and provides necessary funding for many media-related platforms.

2.  Common criticisms against excessive advertising includes how advertising encourages a culture of materialism and excessive consumerism. More developed points would raise the issues of advertising targeted at children. (more on these points later)

3. However, to score well, one must consider how advertising affects one’s value system. It provides opportunities to raised insightful points on issues of media responsibility, ethics and even censorship. The following points will expand your idea of such issues.
A) Most advertising appeals to and reinforces extrinsic values. It doesn’t matter what the product is: by celebrating . . .

[ End of Excerpt ]
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