Social Issues: Combating Inequality

Excerpt from Social Issues: Social Equality  (for General Paper, English expository essay)

There are 3 articles for your reading.
The summarised version regarding inequality and promoting a more egalitarian society has been done for you. (my own points plus those from the article)

Points to jump start discussion and for your own notes:
1. Inequality is an inevitable by-product of free market economies. Societies therefore need to strike the right balance between private profit and public welfare

2. Technology and Globalisation are two major causes of this growing inequality

a) As societies and economies become more knowledge-driven, there is a greater premium on higher education . . . .

. . . .

For the Singapore context
3. Criticisms against SG: SG is focused too much on economic growth but not enough on distributing it.
But you can’t based an essay on that. Too one sided and more substantiation is needed.

Methods (these methods will be explained further):

A) Progressive taxation – . . . .

[ End of Excerpt ]
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