Benefits of a Civil Society (Singapore context)

Excerpt from Politics segment: What is a civil society?

Be it for GP or O level essays, SG related essay questions are very common.
Usually, they require a response from the students with respect to a range of issues on society, progress and governance in general.

Examples include

(o-level standard): Do you agree that Singapore has what it takes to be a global city?
(a-level standard): A first world nation is defined by the behaviour of its people and not its economy. Discuss

To differentiate themselves from relevant but oft-repeated points, students could discuss the issue of Civil Society. An ST article will complement this topic.

What is meant by a Civil Society?
Firstly, the term civil society usually means the non-profit sectors of society. They are not associated with any government body.

Key arguments – SG context

1. Singapore’s amazing progress since Independence has been largely brought about by the Government (or the state).

2. The civil society has mostly played a supporting role in these state-directed programmes.

Thesis statement: Civil society in SG can and should learn to do more: These non-profit organisations (NPOs) need to play a complimentary role in society. NPOs can uniquely help create an environment where Singaporeans feel empowered to start new grassroot endeavours, to do things that the govt cannot do . . .

. . .

In SG, where the government is so dominant, it is not clear how NPOs can change society. However, there are indeed areas of . . .

[ End of Excerpt ]
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