Celebrity Culture

Excerpt from Media content (some overlap with Social Issues)

The issue of Celebrities (be it movie stars, sports stars etc) and their impact and responsibilities to society is a topic that has appeared for both O level and GP students.

Questions tend to require a response from the students on several issues e.g
1. What is a celebrity?
2. What is the impact of celebrity culture on society?
3. Are celebrities good/bad role models? (should they be responsible in the first place?)
. . . .

A typical question that has appeared in several exam papers for both levels is
“Celebrities make the worst role models for today’s youth” Comment

Distinction level scripts need to go beyond just providing examples. They need to articulate how the examples are reflective of greater social concerns and attitudes. Furthermore they need to show . . .

. . .

Main points to handle this question:
1. The idea of the “role model” is subjective. Depending on one’s “value system”, ….

2. Are celebrities entitled to a ‘private space’? Should they bear greater social responsibility by virtue of their occupation? . . .

3. Celebs are commonly associated with certain values and behaviour.These include a preoccupation with appearances, hypocrisy, . . .

[ End of Excerpt ]
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