Social Change and the Family

Excerpt from GP tuition and O level English tuition notes - Social Issues: Family (copyright: Knowledge Skills LLP)

The issue of Family appears as an essay topic for both “O” level and “A” level papers. Of course, the difficulty and scope depends on the level but most questions revolve around the family’s importance, roles and relevance in today’s society.

The focus for this section is mainly for A-level students. (the “O” level content is covered in the latter half).

Typical questions would include “Social change has diminished the importance of the family today” or
In today’s modern society, the family is under threat” Discuss.

A logical question is to ask why some would believe and be alarmed at the diminishing importance of the family. What social changes have led to this diminishing importance?

Here are several ways to approach this issue:

1. Consider the purpose of the family. Then think about how these roles conflict or complement the . . .

2. Consider what is meant by “family’? Is it just the nuclear family structure or  . . .

. . .

Now that we have covered the 5 approaches, let us develop the points to substantiate it.

Point + Example #1
Topic sentence: Many claim that the family is no longer the vibrant, stable social institution it once was due to the alarming fall in the number of couples willing to tie the knot or the subsequent high divorce rate of those who do.

Elaboration:  In our fast paced society, most individuals are constantly . ..

. . .

Yet, despite these trends of decreasing . . . the family is not diminishing in importance but merely changing and shifting in its definition to suit the values of the new generation and the . . .

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