An all powerful media?

Excerpt from Media package (copyright: Knowledge Skills LLP)

For discussion on Media, many schools and infopack materials tend to focus on a few select issues. These would include censorship, the effect of advertising, and the impact of the new media.

However, to truly evaluate the impact and influence of the Media, we need to consider not just how it shapes the taste and preferences of the consumer but also its subtle, pervasive and considerably powerful effect in all aspects of society. And if we agree that the media is indeed a powerful tool, then should not we be concerned with who wields it and in what manner?  Addressing such issues would lend greater depth to any discussion on, for example, censorship, advertising or even cultural reform.

Sample question to unpack these ideas: “Whoever controls the media controls the world.” Discuss

Opening idea – With globalisation and technological progress, the pervasiveness and permeability of the media in our lives is so encompassing that we are often not conscious of the influence the media has over us. It would be foolish to deny the great influence the media has on an individual or a community. It is an understanding that underpins the belief in the necessity for censorship and the effectiveness of advertising.  . . .

. . .
Example and further elaboration:
One main function of the media is to inform the public of events and issues in both the domestic and international contexts. However, (as a good student should point out), opinions are usually subjective, and while the media does inform, it can be strongly argued that it inevitably influences public opinion based on how they choose to report it. Furthermore . . .

Another example
What fuels the trends behind music and fashion (among others) when we consider popular culture?  . . .  This overarching influence is further exacerbated by the monopoly that  . . .

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