General Paper notes: Advertising and Values

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“Media” and its various issues is a core topic for GP .
Main areas to be considered would include the impact of new media, the issues regarding censorship / freedom of expression . . .

(abridged) One area that should be considered is the impact of advertising on society.
(Please note that advertising is just one of several sub-points w.r.t modern media’s influence that a student should consider when dealing with media-related essays.)

The points raised here can also be used to supplement a range of other related issues such as the need for censorship, ethics in media, and even, media & politics.
( these will be covered in other GP tuition lessons)

Main context:
With the increasingly ubiquity of media coverage and connectivity, advertising has also become increasingly pervasive, overwhelming and aggressive in today’s society. There is growing concern regarding the impact of advertising on consumer behaviour and values in modern society. Weaker responses to such essay questions tend to portray a simplistic view of society – unthinking sheep that are easily manipulated by advertisements.

Possible stand /perspective:
Yet, believing that modern behaviour is dictated by advertising and branding is a parochial view. The modern consumer, despite being bombarded by the media, is also continuously impacted by other influences that might offset the supposed ‘ills’ that come from such aggressive advertising.

Argument #1:
A concession that increasing exposure to the mass media has left consumers or society more susceptible to advertising and branding. In turn, this has led to concerns that specific values and even stereotypes being promoted and elevated above others.
. . .

Argument #2
In addition, the influence of advertising is not solely due to just constant exposure. Students should also consider the change in values due to modernisation and the impact of growing affluence.  Indeed, advertising has been around for years, yet what has changed over the years is the ability to  . . .
. . .

Counter Argument #1

Yet despite concerns of  materialism and shallowness, it can be argued that such values promoted by rampant advertising are increasingly facing resistance by the growing awareness of ethical consumerism. Issues such as environmental concerns, fair trade and labour exploitation are leading to a paradigm shift in  .. .

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