GP & English tuition notes: Education and Society

Excerpt of GP / O-level English  tuition notes. Adapted for website. Copyright Knowledge Skills LLP


Education is a popular essay topic for both General Paper and O-level Paper 1.
What’s the role of education? Are schools fulfilling that purpose? How are schools evolving? These are a sample of key ideas that must be understood.
In addition, How shall we define education? Is it synonymous with ‘school’? Mixing these terms up can sometimes make or break the essay.

The depth and coverage also differs per level but we shall approach it from the depth needed for the GP A-levels.

One important area covered during GP or English tuition is to consider Education and its impact – specifically on social behaviour.

Does more ‘education’ mean a ‘better’ society?

As we are not focusing on Question Analysis techniques here, let us assume that the key phrases and their assumptions have been clarified.
We shall move on to the central arguments –

1.Education and Character (let’s use local examples)
A strong perception and argument that students can begin with is how the nature of education has been subsumed by the increasing paper chase and the emphasis placed on garnering accolades and paper qualifications. Arguably, a growing concern among educators (refer to Govt Policies in the other lessons) is how students are quantifying their own self-worth not by their character but by their academic qualifications. . .  .

. . .

2. Education and Marginalisation
Education also results in the marginalisation of certain people in the community. It is a sore and debatable point that the education system in Singapore is very divisive. Education and the meritocratic system that it endorses, strongly seem to result in an exclusive elite, and a non-inclusive culture where people are quickly segregated and opportunities are unfairly portioned out.

Of course examples or further elaboration would be required to substantiate such a statement; lest the student is marked down by  having an “over-generalisation” or “unfounded point”.

Some examples we can use are  . . .

However, examples and elaboration alone are not truly addressing the question yet. Even with good substantiation, this is still a D-grade (or lower) essay. You need to answer the question! Therefore, show the . . .

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End of Excerpt

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