Results for Our 2013 Batch of GP and O level English students

We warmly congratulate our tuition students from 2013 on their results!

It is truly a testament to their hard work and effort!

A year in review:
Students of Knowledge Skills has once again done well with a high improvement rate.

‘O’ level English
Percentage distinction: 48%
Percentage B4 and above: 95%
Percentage of those who improved by 2 grades or more: 95%

‘A’ level General Paper (GP)
Percentage that jumped 2 grades or more: 88%
Percentage achieving A-B grade: 75%

Admittedly, it was a tough year as an unusually large number of students came in with U-E grades for GP and around C6 average for O level English. Many of them not only had issues with their fundamentals but clearly lacking in content mastery. This was particularly worrying considering the shift towards more discursive essay questions for the new English syllabus.

There was a palpable sense of urgency as we wondered how we could help them improve and make tuition meaningful, considering we only saw them once a week.
(In terms of statistics, we were also prepared for a drop from our previous year of 90% A-B rate for GP, and 50%  distinction for O level English)

Different pedagogical approaches were applied to stretch our better students and develop the fundamentals for the weaker students.

Yet even as we  taught a whole range of techniques, we always return to the basics – Practice and Feedback.
This was useful to students of all caliber as each student had their own strengths and weaknesses.
Thankfully, the small tuition class sizes allowed us to do this on a consistent basis.
As tedious and exhausting as it is, ultimately feedback is still key.

Thankfully, our efforts and theirs bore fruit.We maintained our consistently high grade improvement rate despite their low starting grades and still achieved a respectable distinction rate!  To see students who have never done well for GP or English tell us that they finally achieved a B or an A is very rewarding.

We wish all our graduating students the best for their future!

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