Giving Back to Society

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The greater emphasis of the new O-level English syllabus on expository and argumentative writing is not just to expose students to such crucial skills but also to encourage one’s knowledge of society. This nicely dovetails with Social Studies. Similarly, General Paper is not just about persuasive, logical arguments; it also develops one’s maturity and awareness of global concerns.

Ultimately, beyond just studying for the examinations, these subjects should develop the student into an aware and contributive (global) citizen. Someone who is able to take all this ‘head knowledge’ and apply it. To hopefully do more than just to write knowledgeably on the ills of poverty and other such ills.

How to give back to society

As Christmas draws near, in the spirit of giving and loving, perhaps we can do something for charity. And cheesy as it sounds, make the world a better place 🙂
For example, one site where you can easily gift something meaningful is World Vision Singapore.

Do check it out. It should be a fulfilling, affordable, online shopping experience!

Or if you want to donate towards a specific cause, you can always check out SG Gives and choose the cause you want to support.

May this be a season of love and joy.
Knowledge Skills wishes all a Blessed Christmas! 


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