Singapore and the Elderly (GP and O level English)

If GP deals with issues pertaining to Singapore, then the plight of the elderly (or to be specific: the vulnerable elderly) should be an area students need to have some knowledge of. Some examples of General Paper questions that touch upon this issue include:
1. Does Singapore do enough for the less fortunate?
2. We focus too much on the young at the expense of the elderly. Discuss
3. This is not a country for old people. How far do you agree with respect to your society?

The ability to answer such questions would require knowledge of how Singapore views and treats its elderly with regard to policy, social provisions and attitude (both in the workplace, media, and the home) amongst others.

The National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) provides this helpful cheatsheet that summarises many key issues facing the elderly in Singapore today.

This article by CNA also highlights how many of the elderly do suffer from social isolation in our fast paced and modernised landscape and gives some insight on what is lacking in the social care for these growing demographic.

Such articles should be no different from those supplied by schools. What is important is that students should not just read without understanding. There must be awareness of the key learning points and how they can be applied effectively in a GP essay or the AQ.

Articles such as these complement our notes on poverty and social issues within Singapore such that any of our students should be well equipped to handle such questions.

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