GP & English tuition notes: Education and Society

Excerpt of GP / O-level English  tuition notes. Adapted for website. Copyright Knowledge Skills LLP Education is a popular essay topic for both General Paper and O-level Paper 1. What’s the role of education? Are schools fulfilling that purpose? How are schools evolving? These are a sample of key ideas that must be understood. In …

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Education and Technology – Case Study

Excerpt from Digitising Education Key issues: Education and Technology, Digital Divide An excellent piece for Science and Technology, and education. Summary: South Korea is planning to digitise its entire educational curriculum by 2015. From 2015, all information will be taught to students using computers and other technological devices. The aim appears to be to eliminate …

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Education Policies

Excellent articles on education. Please read carefully as the articles are nuanced and point to education and education policy beng extremely complex. For those of you interested in social issues, this is a must-read, if only for the international examples. It’s a pity that they shifted away from Asian education early in the piece! The …

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