Science and Values

Connectivity and Behaviour (GP tuition / O-level English)

Adapted from Al Gore’s The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change. Adapted for website  – copyright Knowledge Skills LLP – General Paper (GP) tuition & O-level English tuition subject specialists   A popular question for the General Paper A-levels and English O level papers is the impact of the internet on human behaviour.   Essay questions …

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ICT and Social Change (General Paper and O-level English)

Adapted for website  – GP  / O-level tuition articles-  copyright Knowledge Skills LLP Adapted from J.Bradford Delong   Commonly asked in General Paper and O-level English essay papers are questions regarding the impact of ICT (info-comm tech) or the internet and new media on society. Such issues are popular with most students as they are …

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Education and Technology – Case Study

Excerpt from Digitising Education Key issues: Education and Technology, Digital Divide An excellent piece for Science and Technology, and education. Summary: South Korea is planning to digitise its entire educational curriculum by 2015. From 2015, all information will be taught to students using computers and other technological devices. The aim appears to be to eliminate …

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Misconduct in science – An array of errors

Investigations into a case of alleged scientific misconduct have revealed numerous holes in the oversight of science and scientific publishing An excellent article that highlights the imperfections in science. Like all other fields of human inquiry, science is subject to human error and/or dishonesty. The GP questions that should be raised include whether we have …

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