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Singapore and the Elderly (GP and O level English)

If GP deals with issues pertaining to Singapore, then the plight of the elderly (or to be specific: the vulnerable elderly) should be an area students need to have some knowledge of. Some examples of General Paper questions that touch upon this issue include: 1. Does Singapore do enough for the less fortunate?2. We focus …

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Youth Activism – Anti-Gun Protests

GP Tuition & O Level English Tuition Current Affairs: Parkland students and Anti-Gun protests in America A pertinent example that can be used in several topical areas for GP and O level English Paper 1. Consider this example for issues pertaining to the use of social media to organise rallies and as a tool …

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Essay: The best way to reduce juvenile crime is to counsel the offender’s parents. Do you agree?

General Paper (GP) Tuition & O level English Tuition specialists – copyright Knowledge Skills LLP – While less popular these days, Crime and Punishment is still taught as a GP topic in some schools and touched upon in secondary schools. One area of discussion is the effectiveness of punishments and the means to address deviant …

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 – copyright Knowledge Skills LLP – General Paper (GP) tuition & O-level English tuition specialists This article raises interesting points regarding whether meritocracy truly creates a fairer society. It is quite American-centric but it does open up some points for further discussion. We will cover meritocracy’s Pros and Cons from a Singapore perspective at a …

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Singapore’s key future challenges

  – copyright Knowledge Skills LLP – General Paper (GP) & O-level English tuition subject specialists (image credit: Future Ready Singapore) Be it for the English O-level Oral or GP, it is essential that the student is aware of some of the key concerns that will be facing Singapore. This is important not only for …

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Giving Back to Society

( Scroll down for GP tuition and O-level English tuition related notes) The greater emphasis of the new O-level English syllabus on expository and argumentative writing is not just to expose students to such crucial skills but also to encourage one’s knowledge of society. This nicely dovetails with Social Studies. Similarly, General Paper is not just …

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