O level English tuition notes: Summary Writing

Excerpt from O-level English tuition notes. Adapted for website (copyright: Knowledge Skills LLP) Accounting for 15 marks, doing well for the Summary is essential if a student wants to ensure a distinction. The skills and techniques for this section are varied and, frankly speaking, easily available through the dozens of assessment / writing books on …

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Benefits of a Civil Society (Singapore context)

Excerpt from Politics segment: What is a civil society? Be it for GP or O level essays, SG related essay questions are very common. Usually, they require a response from the students with respect to a range of issues on society, progress and governance in general. Examples include (o-level standard): Do you agree that Singapore …

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Social Issues: Combating Inequality

Excerpt from Social Issues: Social Equality (for General Paper, English expository essay) There are 3 articles for your reading. The summarised version regarding inequality and promoting a more egalitarian society has been done for you. (my own points plus those from the article) Points to jump start discussion and for your own notes: 1. Inequality …

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Globalisation: World Trade Organisation (WTO)

Excerpt of Globalisation: World Trade Organisation An understanding of the effects of globalisation goes beyond just describing what Globalisation is. It is also having awareness of the impact and issues created by Globalisation so as to provide a thoughtful and developed response to most questions. This discussion will concern the effect that one tool of …

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