Our Tutors

Mdm Neo  is an experienced teacher with 30+ years of service in MOE. As Head of Department for English, she has mentored and trained teachers with the skills and strategies to help students achieve sterling results in their “O” level examination.

In addition, Mdm Neo has also mentored teaching interns, scholars as well as trainee teachers from the National Institute of Education. She has been commended for her passion, professionalism and competence in guiding and teaching them.

Mdm Neo is familiar with the latest MOE syllabus . Thus she is able to provide guidance and resources to ensure that students are well prepared for the “O” level examination. Her dedication and enthusiasm enable her to strike rapport with students. She works hard to help every student, providing them with the strategic skills to achieve excellence.

With her wealth of teaching experience, in-depth understanding of exam requirements, content knowledge and key strategies, she has consistently helped every student, including those with weak grades, to eventually pass with flying colours. For this, she has received numerous accolades from appreciative parents and students

Knowledge Tuition
Mr Cheong was a MOE Teaching Award Scholarship recipient with over 10 years of teaching experience. He is a subject specialist in General Paper, English Language and Literature and has keen understanding of curriculum and pedagogy due to the opportunities offered by his scholarship. Upon receiving his Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Merit), he was posted to a top JC as a General Paper (GP) teacher.

Recognised as a capable teacher, he was selected to serve as a Special Projects Officer in MOE HQ, where he assisted in areas of curriculum design and education policies.

After which, as a Senior Academic Officer, his responsibilities included training GP teachers and overseeing curriculum and syllabus implementation for the JC. He has been commended for his subject mastery and professionalism. He is also thankful that his students view him as a competent and humorous teacher who keeps GP relevant and engaging. (at least, according to their Teachers’ Day cards!)

He continues to work with schools closely in terms of conducting workshops, training sessions and supplementary classes. With his experience of content knowledge and mastery of teaching strategies, he does his best for every one of his students.

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