O Level English Tuition

We celebrate the success of our 2017 O Level English Tuition batch! 
Results: 60% Distinction and 84% improved by 2 grades or more, regardless of their starting grade with us

As a compulsory component of the L1R5 used to determine ‘O’ Level Results, English is a critical subject.

For a subject with no standardised answers, it is important that close guidance is provided to help the student improve.
That’s why we only conduct small classes. We strongly believe that tuition must be meaningful and that we have time for each student.

We welcome all students, regardless of their grade! No matter how weak you think you are, we will guide you.

Success in O level English is possible if you understand the fundamentals.
Join our O level English Tuition classes to learn key skills such as how to excel in the Summary, to understand what it means to be ‘persuasive’ in their Situational Writing and to write effective arguments. 

Get personal feedback for every piece of work submitted. 

Our students do well because we provide:

Individual Consultations [yes, we do set aside time for every student! 🙂 ]

Targeted and personalised feedback so that students understand why they are at a certain grade and how to move on to the next band. 

Clear guidance on the skills and techniques necessary to excel in the various components of the ‘O’ level English paper.
These are tried and tested strategies utilised by the best students and teachers, based on 30 years of teaching experience.

– Ample ‘O’ level English tuition notes and up-to-date exam papers for practice to ensure skills are understood and applied correctly

Tailored marking and constructive guidance for each student. This is especially so for Paper 1 components.

Check out the testimonials we receive every year from parents and students

Our exam oriented and proven strategies have helped over 80% of our students improve by 2 grades or more with a distinction rate that is double the national average.

Class size: 5-6 students
Duration: 1.5 hours
Slots available: Please refer to schedule

Contact us for further details or to join a trial class

“I would like to place a note of thanks  to Knowledge Skills for helping my daughter to improve her grades from failing consistently to pass within such a short period of time. Your exemplary commitment and the quality time you spent with her, has not only boosted her self confidence, but also believe in herself that she can make things happen.  Her renewed focus as shown in her O level results, in obtaining a high B grade, is a welcome  relief to a very anxious year. Without your guidance and you providing a ray of hope for her, she would not have been able to come to terms with her dismal results from her previous exams. For that, I am truly grateful.Mr Samuel Kam, parent of Rozanne Kam ( St Margaret’s Girls’ Secondary)

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Paper 1 (Editing, Essay and Situational writing):  The teaching for this paper is especially concerned with students’ ability to express themselves effectively in the written form.  Our O level English tuition will train students to meet and exceed the needs of the ‘O’ level paper by first engendering foundational writing skills and then building on their writing techniques according to personal needs.

Paper 2 (Comprehension and summary):  To excel in this paper, students will be taught reading skills that will enable them to have a deeper understanding of the texts they read.  Following on, students will be taught specific comprehension skills that target the different components in Paper 2, including the summary section and the new visual text component for EL 1128.

Paper 3 (Listening Comprehension):  Listening and note-taking skills will be taught for a variety of audio text types e.g narrative, recount, exposition and information report.

Paper 4 (Oral ):  Students will be trained to speak in an engaging and fluent manner using speech techniques.  Students will also be coached on the Spoken Interaction component using authentic Cambridge questions and topics.


English solution

My son was academically weak, particularly in Humanities subjects, and had found Literature and English very challenging. We were very fortunate to have Mdm Neo give him much needed guidance.
Mdm Neo was very familiar with the syllabus as well as the skills and techniques required. She was also able to provide relevant and helpful materials. Most of all, she was a caring teacher who was exceedingly kind and patient, and did not lose hope in my son’s ability to improve.  Slowly, my son improved under her O level English tuition classes. As an added bonus, I also noticed that my son’s English ability improved along the way.
We are so thankful to have engaged Mdm Neo to tutor my son  and would highly recommend her as an excellent teacher, for both Literature as well as English.
Ms Quek Li Choo, mother of Julian Gwee Hao Min (Anglo Chinese School – Barker)

Mdm Neo tutored my daughter in 2014 to prepare her for her O Level English. It is certainly through her dedication and commitment that my daughter was able to score an A1 in English. Mdm Neo taught my daughter the skills to tackle the demands of the English writing syllabus. I am truly grateful and appreciative of Mdm Neo’s effort in helping my daughter to achieve her excellent result in English language. I highly recommend Mdm Neo as an O Level English tutor as she is a very responsible teacher, who has strong knowledge and passion for the subject.

Mrs Serene Ho, mother of Mertice Ho Jun Yan,
St Margaret’s Girls’ School

Possessing a fiery passion and love for the English Language, an affection that is almost contagious, Mdm Neo not only managed to grow my love for English but at the same time instilled in me a sense of purpose with every piece of work. Mdm Neo genuinely cares for each and every one of her students, sacrificing her time to meticulously review each piece of work with the student. I am extremely grateful to Mdm Neo for helping to boost my B4 up to an A1.She is truly an educator second to none.

Phua Jun Quan Nicholas,
 St Joseph Institution alumnus