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A sample of testimonials from students and parents:

My GP was my weakest subject and I always preferred math. However, Mr Cheong has managed to break down the subject in a structured manner and i soon learnt that GP was based on technique and application. He provides ample content for Paper 1 that are sufficiently informative and easy to absorb. With his guidance, I improved from a C grade to an A for the A levels!
Abigail Chng, JPJC

My son was academically weak, and had found English very challenging. Mdm Neo was very familiar with the syllabus as well as the skills and techniques required.  Most of all, she was a caring teacher who was exceedingly kind and patient, and did not lose hope in my son’s ability to improve. We are so thankful to have engaged Mdm Neo to tutor my son and would highly recommend her as an excellent teacher.”
Ms Quek Li Choo, mother of Julian Gwee Hao Min , ACS

Mr Cheong is a really kind and patient teacher and his cheerful and positive outlook really propelled me to try my best to improve for GP. He teaches the skills required for comprehension in a very clear manner and the tips he gave often helped me see instant progression which gave me confidence that I could fare better for GP. As for the essays, being weaker in this area , he gave a lot of guidance and supplemented a lot of notes and resources that helped me a great deal in my revision for the A levels, the concise notes were not lengthy and Mr Cheong would also give out notes based on topics we were more keen on writing making it easier to digest and apply and he often provides detailed explanations on how to link various points across topics as well . Under Mr Cheong’s guidance I managed to go from a D student to an A by A Levels and I am really grateful for his help. Thanks Mr Cheong for believing in me when I didn’t!
Sham Kumar Murali, Hwa Chong Institution

Mr Cheong has been an incredibly engaging tutor who doesn’t hesitate to go the extra mile for his students. His GP tuition lessons are well structured and concise. I have thoroughly enjoyed being taught by him!
Rachel Tan, Hwa Chong Institution

Thank you Mr Cheong for being very supportive through my studies. I really appreciate the effort you have put in to guide me. The AQ and Essay techniques you shared were undoubtedly very helpful. Once again, thanks for helping me secure an ‘A ‘.
Nicolette Wong, National Junior College

Mr Cheong is an amazing tutor. His GP tuition lessons were informative, interesting and concise. I had never gotten anything above an “E “for my GP back in CJC and I was even sent to “GP Clinic” due to my poor performance. But with the help from Mr Cheong, I got a B in GP for my A levels. 🙂
Ang Hui Yee
Catholic Junior College

There are many things to like about Mr Cheong! As a teacher, I think he went out of his way to make all of us feel comfortable by treating us as grown ups who are worthy of being heard. Mr Cheong also encouraged us to think beyond what the suggested answers fed us, and I liked how we were free to speak without feeling judged. 
Skills-wise, I think Mr Cheong succeeded in imparting not merely the skills essential to General Paper, but to critical thinking. Class was not just a time for revising arguments, but having your own perspectives and points challenged. Mr Cheong’s open ended approach also made me enjoy GP as I felt I could always do better in my essays and incorporate more perspectives.  He made GP  my favourite subject in JC (:
Jasmine Liu
Raffles Junior College alumnus

Mdm Neo is a kind and dedicated English teacher. She provided me with useful tips, especially on descriptive writing. Even though I joined her classes only in secondary 4, she has certainly made a huge impact on my grade, from C5/6 to A1. Thank you Mdm Neo!
Germaine Ling, St Joseph Convent

Mr Cheong has been a really helpful tutor for my GP. His lessons are structured to suit the needs of every student, and every concept simplified to aid and accelerate our learning in desperate times. Joining him for a year has greatly improved my GP from mediocre to excellent. His efforts of reiterating concepts and skills allowed me to understand how GP works in JC, helping me achieve an A for GP in JC which is beyond my original capability.
Lee Ziyang, ACJC

Mr Cheong is an experienced teacher who clearly understands the demands of the syllabus. He taught me key examination skills that were very useful in helping me make progress and eventually obtaining my A for the A-levels. Through discussions about current affairs happening around the world, Mr Cheong managed to make his lessons interesting and engaging, and more importantly, he showed us how to apply such content appropriately.
Leoi Xue Wei, River Valley High School alumnus

Mr Cheong is a teacher that has experience and is able to bring out the best potential in his students. Even though I got an E for prelims, Mr Cheong did not give up on me and provided me with advice and notes that helped a lot. In the end, I managed to get a B for GP during my A-levels and I am very grateful for his guidance throughout my A-levels journey.
Bryan Lee, Jurong Junior College alumnus

‘Mr Cheong provided us with a variety of content from different themes which gave us sufficient content to attempt almost any essay question that came out. He also emphasized on the skills required to analyze questions so that we were prepared to handle unexpected questions. Another plus point of his class is that the class size is small so he was able to give me personalized feedback on my work frequently, which I felt was a significant contributor to my rapid improvement in GP. Mr Cheong is a dedicated teacher who really wants to help his students improve, we could pass any extra practice we did to him and he would be able to give us feedback about it the next week. I highly recommend Mr Cheong as a tutor because he is a great teacher who definitely helped me to achieve an A for GP.’

Ong Li Suen, National Junior College

Mr Cheong is an excellent teacher who has firmly clinched the number one spot among all the teachers I have been taught by so far. He is truly concerned with his students’ progress.  I believe his greatest strength lies in being able to deliver rock solid academic teaching without the typical dryness that it comes with. His content was comprehensive and well thought out, easy to understand, and delivered with clarity and competence. Through his help, I achieved my A for GP!
Jocelyn Lang Raffles Junior College alumnus

Despite constantly getting Ds and Es for GP in Hwa Chong, Mr Cheong gave me the necessary confidence and skills to help me eventually obtain an A for the A-levels. He ensured that we have sufficient and appropriate practice but are also not overloaded with papers such that we have ample time to learn and reflect upon our mistakes so as to hone our skills. Because his tuition was conducted in small groups, it was more personalised but at the same time not too awkward. When necessary, consultation and detailed feedback was also given on your performance not only for tuition practice, but also school papers or whatever you have done on your own accord. I truly appreciate the effort Mr Cheong showed for every student.
Wang Shaodian, Hwa Chong Junior College

Possessing a fiery passion and love for the English Language, an affection that is almost contagious, Mdm Neo not only managed to grow my love for English but at the same time instilled in me a sense of purpose with every piece of work. Mdm Neo genuinely cares for each and every one of her students, sacrificing her time to meticulously review each piece of work with the student. I am extremely grateful to Mdm Neo for helping to boost my B4 up to an A1.She is truly an educator second to none.

Phua Jun Quan Nicholas,
 St Joseph Institution alumnus


I greatly enjoyed GP tuition lessons because of the clear techniques taught during essay and compre practices.
Furthermore, the teaching of the content is very structured. For example, the broad ideas which can be used as topic sentences are taught followed by clear examples and elaboration. Also, the content is more summarised then those taught in school so all you need to do is to fit the content into the essay topics. This was really useful when I had difficulty approaching an essay.
I managed to finally obtain my A for GP!
Lydia Tan
National Junior College alumnus

I am very appreciative and grateful to have Madam Neo as my son’s English tutor.  Under her perseverance, attentiveness and creative teaching techniques, my son who originally had no interest in English lessons, developed a great interest in the subject. I was impressed to see how he looked forward to attend her lessons every week. In the end, my son improved by quite a few grades and proudly obtained an A2 in his O level exam.
Mrs Regina Ho, mother of Ho Ming Jun,
Clementi Secondary School

Mr Cheong has taught me since the start of J1. I have always enjoyed his lessons and found them very conducive for my learning. He provides content for each topic in a very structured manner but does not neglect the skills. He gives us detailed feedback on all our homework he assigns and even school tests. Furthermore, when exams are approaching, we had drills for both compre and essays that really helped me improve. Unlike many tuition centres I have been to, weekly tuition with Mr Cheong was not the only time he was involved in our learning as he often sent us articles, good essays and compilation of notes via email. I am very grateful for his help and dedication that helped me improve.
Rachel Dieu
Tampines Junior College alumnus

Mdm Neo is one of the most patient and dedicated teachers I have met. I am extremely fortunate to have been taught by her during my “O” Level preparation days. She is always willing to help when we encounter problems. Notes were written in my essays to point out suitable areas for improvement. Even after lessons, she would stay back with us to explain more about our essays. To maximize our learning, she also made the effort to ensure that papers covered in lessons do not overlap with the ones done in school. My grades improved from C6 to B3.
Teo Jie Ling,  Clementi Town Secondary alumnus

Mr Cheong had been a great help to me for the last stretch of my A level journey. The help he has provided me was more than I could ask for!The tips he gave were very useful, and his materials were very up-to-date. Unbelievably, he would mark all of our work and give us feedbacks for our assignments.
GP tuition was never boring under Mr Cheong and in fact, I managed to absorb more current affairs news during tuition better than I expected. He has shown to me that it is never too late to get help when it comes to GP and it is not impossible to do well for GP with the correct guidance and effort.
Without his help, I think I would never be able to jump from a D grade to a B grade for my A levels within such a short span of 3 months! Thus the improvement in my GP grades is largely attributed to Mr Cheong! Thank you!
Brenda Khoo
St. Andrews Junior College alumnus

Caring, dedicated and passionate are the words I would use to describe Mdm Neo. Often, she brings her creativity to class by sharing her ideas and views on the topic at hand, and proposing new and astonishing viewpoints. Lessons with her are never a bore because of the jokes she brings to the classroom and her infectious cheerful demeanour always brings a smile to my face. I have greatly benefited from her lessons, improving from a C grade to a stunning A2 in the ‘O’ level examinations. She is one teacher I admire and will always treasure.
Lorraine Chia Hui Min
CHIJ (Toa Payoh) alumnus

My daughter Khalisah did very well for her English, improving from always failing, to obtaining a B3. I’m very grateful for all your guidance. Once again thank you very much. I will recommend you to students who need help.
Mdm Juliana, mother of Khalisah Nurliyana bte Ahmad Dahlan,
Assumption English School

MI started lessons with Mdm Neo after my Preliminary Examinations, just half a dozen weeks before “O” Levels was due to begin. During my time with her, I found that Mdm Neo has an excellent work ethic and she is a very committed tutor; she never fails to give me advice on tough English assignments. Her passion as a tutor has also motivated me to work even harder than I had ever intended to. Ultimately, owing to her diligence, hard work, and constructive criticism, I was able to push the limits of my potential and was rewarded with A1 for English at my GCE “O” Levels. This was a major improvement from the mediocre B4 that I had received during my Prelims. I really give her a huge applause because I was only able to attain this reward through the rigorous drilling she provided me. Thank you, Mdm Neo!
Ho Jing Rong
Methodist Girls School alumnus

“Mr Cheong is a great GP teacher who inspired me to think out of the box for GP and gain interest in the subject. Instead of the usual spoon-feeding style, the lessons were interesting and interactive. Mr Cheong would guide me to link topics which, to me, were unrelated, and expanded my knowledge on general topics. This allowed me to cultivate an interest in GP and study it for the sake of learning more about it, rather than just to get a good grade. Without Mr Cheong’s help, I would not have been as interested in GP and attained my ‘A’. Thank you, Mr Cheong!”
Lin Siyuan
Hwa Chong Institution alumnus

Mdm. Neo is an enthusiastic teacher who strives to excel in her teaching and puts in her utmost effort so  that we students will be able to reap good results. It is her passion and dedication as a teacher that encourages us to work harder in order to improve in our English Language. Her lessons are also enlivened by the jokes she shares which make the class even more enjoyable. If not for Mdm Neo, I  would not have clinched an A2 for my English. It is all thanks to her that I can attain such results.
Ezrella Kho En Yi
Crescent Girls’ Sec

Knowledge Tuition

After attending classes with Mdm Neo, my English improved and in just a year’s time, my grade jumped from a C5 to an A1! Lessons were never boring as we listened and shared our different opinions and insights and all the discussion sessions definitely widened one’s perspective! Mdm Neo taught us every aspect of English we needed to know. I also discovered my own writing style after attending her classes and essays became much easier to write. Mdm Neo unveiled techniques and different styles of essay writing and the new syllabus comprehension also became much easier to understand after lessons with Mdm Neo. I’m very grateful to Mdm Neo for all I’ve learnt.
Isabel Tay Yi Gin,
 Methodist Girls’ School  alumnus

Mr. Cheong is the kind of teacher who challenges your pre-existing notions and opinions rather than merely spoon-feeding you with information, statistics and examples. Mr. Cheong has this ability to weave humour and sarcasm into an intellectual discourse seamlessly such that GP lessons always felt like an enjoyable discussion rather than an inane part of the curriculum. Also, he respects his students as young adults and perhaps it is also this that contributes to a highly rewarding two years with him as a tutor. 
Emily Soh Ming Li
Raffles Junior College alumnus

Mdm Neo was able to help me write better compositions by giving me many samples of good work written by my peers as well as inviting sharing of ideas. That was extremely helpful. She analysed and interpreted the different approaches required to answer the questions that might be tested in Section Two of the paper. She gave me many constructive comments to improve my style of writing. This helped me to develop a consistent style of writing with ideas to make my compositions more enjoyable to read, relevant and interesting. At lessons, references were made to many news articles and this helped me to think creatively and gain more knowledge to attempt the argumentative essays. Most important of all was her encouragement which helped me improve from a grade of E8 in Prelims to B3 in O levels! Thank you! 🙂
Rozanne Kam Xing Yii
Alumnus, St Margaret’s Secondary

“Mr Cheong is a very insightful and perceptive GP teacher. He has comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of topics and current affairs, and I’ve always felt like I’ve learned something new after attending his classes. In each lesson, he manages to strike a balance between engaging the class in active discussion about each topic and helping us draw links between pertinent ideas. This helped me greatly in writing essays and also allowed me to be more aware of issues and happenings all around the world.
Elyssa Tan
Raffles Junior College alumnus

Mdm Neo had taught me very useful answering skills and writing techniques for all the lessons I had with her. This gave me more confidence and helped me greatly in my ‘O’ levels examination. She is a dedicated teacher who would do her very best to help her students. With her help, I have managed to score an A2 in the ‘O  level. For this, I am very grateful to Mdm Neo.
Melissa Ng Pui Een,
Methodist Girls’ School alumnus

Mr Cheong is driven to help every one of his students excel. With him as a tutor, I managed to secure an A1 in my GCE O level English exam. As I am a somewhat introverted person, Mr Cheong encouraged me to speak up during lessons so as to prepare me for the oral component of the subject.
Mr Cheong is not afraid to drill students to improve on their weaknesses. He places particular attention on the weaknesses of each student and guides them in their efforts to excel. Lessons with Mr Cheong are never boring as he manages to engage with his students. Having him as a tutor would definitively aid students in securing their desired grades, regardless of the subject taught.
Janice Chia
Methodist Girls School alumnus

Mdm Neo is an extraordinary teacher, capable of igniting the passion for English within her students. Combined with her vast reservoir of experience and top-notch teaching methods, Mdm Neo is able to bring forth the excellence in her students. Along with such superb teaching ability, her caring demeanor ensures the full respect and motivation of all her students to excel. A priceless learning experience indeed!
Tan Zong Hong
Jurong West Secondary alumnus

I was taught by Mr Cheong since July of my J1 year. He was an excellent teacher who provided timely and constructive feedback on our learning. Besides teaching essential skills required in the exams (such as understanding question requirements and writing structured, effective essays), he also conducted clear discussions on key issues and current affairs. This was my favourite aspect of his teaching, as it allowed me to reflect on issues, to mature as a thinker, and to hone my writing skills. I had a thorough understanding of the subject requirements and how to work towards excelling for it. If you’re looking for a teacher to guide you through, he’s the best person for the job.
Heidi Chang
Raffles Junior College alumnus

Mr Cheong is not only  a teacher with vast resources to help you with GP, he is also a patient and encouraging teacher who is able to engage the students and improve their arguments.  Most of all, he is a caring teacher who is always concerned with his students’ progress and is able to provide clear learning points.
Shermain Lee
National Junior College alumnus

Mr Cheong  taught essay writing in a systematic manner which was useful to me, a science student who was used to the structured way of learning. His lessons were very comprehensive, interesting and engaging. I liked how we were able to take away several learning points with each lesson. Whenever possible, he would rectify our mistakes on the spot, and ensured that we understood them. In addition, Mr Cheong’s was very dedicated as he would send us compiled articles, answered our queries and send us marked papers with comments.
Chong Lu Khei
National Junior College alumnus

Mr Cheong is a very responsible and committed teacher, with both great knowledge and passion for the subject.
I started out learning GP with a great fear that it would be a very demanding, daunting subject. However, Mr Cheong was very patient as he guided me through various GP topics and essay writing skills. He made me realize that studying GP could be a very enriching pursuit, as it taught me to analyse situations critically, think beyond the surface and discuss world affairs in an intellectual manner. Under his guidance, GP became an enjoyable subject that I looked forward to; helping me attain my A.
Jolene Goh
Hwa Chong Institution alumnus

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