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Individualised Attention to Help Every Student Succeed

[Update: JC1 GP students for 2023 will use the new GP Syllabus. We have updated our curriculum accordingly]

For years, Knowledge Skills has been the go-to resource for high quality, small group GP tuition.
 We strongly believe students can only improve when they are well supported through close guidance and provided with ample resources.  We work together with our students to ensure each of them receives personalised feedback and the necessary skills to progress in General Paper.

Our students have achieved commendable results because we set aside time for each of them and guide them in all the components for GP – to write effective essays and AQs,  to score well for the Short Answer Questions and have essential content knowledge.

We warmly welcome you if you are a new student. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to discuss how we can help you do well for General Paper.

How we Guide each student

We strongly believe that GP Tuition must be meaningful and that we have time for each student.That’s why we only conduct small classes.

All classes are taught by Mr Cheong, an experienced top JC tutor, prize winning teacher and MOE scholar. With over 10 years of teaching experience, join his classes to receive thorough and customised feedback for all your essays and AQs. Receive ample, easy-to-read and effective GP notes and learn techniques on how to score well for Paper 2.

He welcomes every student, regardless of their grades. 

our students do well because we provide:

Individual Consultation

We regularly set aside time for each student to address their individual questions and go through their schoolwork.

Personal Feedback for Every Work Submitted.

We mark every student’s work to ensure they understand how to improve through personal feedback.

Effective Use of Lesson time

While work will be set, most of the lesson is spent on teaching and feedback; the help that students need.

Effective Strategies

 We teach strategies that produce results – these include essay and AQ analysis skills, summary and paraphrasing techniques.

Detailed Notes

Our students have content mastery through our ample supplementary materials. These include detailed notes, model essays and past-year exam papers.

We celebrate the success of our GP Students!
 Every year, more than 80% obtain A-B and over 90% improved by 2 grades or more

Our TUtor

All GP Tuition Classes are conducted by Mr Cheong, an MOE scholar, award holder and subject specialist. With over 10 years experience teaching GP in a top JC, he has trained many beginner GP teachers and has helped hundreds of students improve in their General Paper.


Do check out the the testimonials we receive every year from parents and students.

Eleanor Ying, Hwa Chong Instutition

Throughout J1, I had never gotten higher than an E for GP and was clueless about current affairs. After joining Mr Cheong's classes, I improved rapidly within a year and managed to obtain a B for GP. I even started getting 6-8 marks for my summary consistently when i used to only get 3 marks. He made GP interesting and his notes were easy to understand and very useful. Thank you so much for all the help given to me.

Rayen Chia, JPJC

Thank you Mr Cheong for making GP lessons so interesting and helpful. To be honest, I disliked GP because of my poor English. But your lessons were really the ones I looked forward to. Thank you for helping me do well for my A-levels and not giving up on me! 🙂

Michelle Chan, ACJC

"An experienced GP teacher, Mr Cheong knows what is needed to do well. I especially appreciate the time spent to personally guide and help me understand my mistakes. I greatly appreciated that I could pass any extra practice I did and he would be able to give me feedback about it the next week. I improved from being below the 50th percentile to the 95th percentile within a year! Thank you for being an inspiring tutor! "

Snigdha Swaminathan, NJC

Mr Cheong is a very dedicated teacher who helped me improve greatly in GP and obtain my 'A' in GP. I truly appreciate all the feedback given to improve my writing. His lessons were highly effective and focused. He taught me how to apply the content learnt and his notes were concise which made revision easy. Thank you Mr Cheong!

Joshua Chan Zi En, RVHS

"My 'A' in GP would not have been possible without Mr Cheong's help. I found Mr Cheong’s lessons extremely effective in dealing with many of my weaknesses and fears of General Paper. He provided concise and effective content notes and how to approach the essay questions and P2 in a systematic manner. The small class size also allowed me to have sufficient personal attention. Thank you Mr Cheong!"

Class size: 5- 6 students
Duration: 1.5 hours
GP Tuition Schedule: Please refer to schedule.

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