Biotechnology, Morality, and the Law

General Paper (GP) Tuition & O level English Tuition specialists – copyright Knowledge Skills LLP –   This is an interesting article and highlights how as science advances, it raises new social dilemmas and even legal complications. It captures how the law needs to update itself to keep up with the new problems and moral …

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GP Tuition

GENERAL PAPER (GP) TUITION GP is a subject with no ‘fixed answers’ and a question can be approached in several ways. A student who wants to improve must first understand why their essay lacked depth or why an answer was irrelevant.  Hence, improvement in GP can only come about with close guidance. That’s why we only conduct …

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 – copyright Knowledge Skills LLP – General Paper (GP) tuition & O-level English tuition specialists This article raises interesting points regarding whether meritocracy truly creates a fairer society. It is quite American-centric but it does open up some points for further discussion. We will cover meritocracy’s Pros and Cons from a Singapore perspective at a …

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